четверг, 5 сентября 2013 г.

Inside JVM. Step 2. (EN)

Decided to dig into JVM byte code again .
Took a quick look at jvm spec, javap, reJ, ClassEditor.

Next steps - to build a very simple java based jvm.
In educational purposes.
Even not a one jvm, but a series of jvm when next one is more difficult then previous one and includes presentations.

When the project will be ready - we could play with something more interesting based on it.
The main thing - the maximum simplicity and clarity.
OS - Windows.
Minimum dependencies on external libraries.

However, the main goal - to make a cool hands-on course on jvm internals.
To learn out jvm internal (at least that what I want).
Plus - to help everyone interested in the topic.

We could start with the parser of Class files.
Then make a small set of simple processing of the + stack.
Then add the object creation and the heap.
And so on.
Actually we could ctreate a high level plan before starting implementation.

And vice versa - the code and presentation will will explain one another.
And then maybe we could write a book based on the project.

Here are examples of a similar projects / articles (but not exactly what I want).

Home Made Java Virtual Machine

small java jvm

Home Made Java Virtual Machine

How to create your own virtual machine - Part 2

companion to the book Inside the Java Virtual Machine

Is there a desire to give some suggestions?
Is there a desire to participate in a "project"?

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