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150+ Video Tutorials To Learn JavaScript!

Learning JavaScript can be easier when done through videos. That is why we decided to bring you these video tutorials on JavaScript that cover both basic and advanced concepts in the language. So what are you waiting for? Start scripting!
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1. Beginner JavaScript

These 40 videos from The New Boston will cover JavaScript in detail and tell you about the basics of JavaScript. It is perfect for a beginner to learn what is one of the internet's foremost languages.

2. Advanced JavaScript Tutorial

When you're done with the first playlist, you can move over to this one. It contains 27 more videos on JavaScript, but with advanced concepts, which would further boost your skills on the language.

3. JavaScript Tutorials

This series of eight videos makes for more of an assorted collection of tutorials on JavaScript. It would help supplement what you learn in the videos in the above playlists.

4. JavaScript Beginner Tutorials

These are 33 more video tutorials on JavaScript, which cover various basic and somewhat advanced concepts. In case the above tutorials didn't suit your fancy, you may try to learn using this one.

5. JavaScript Tutorials in Hindi/Urdu

This one is most suited to our Indian readers, for obvious reasons.

6. JavaScript Tutorials in Deutsch

29 video tutorials on JavaScript for our German readers.

7. JavaScript Tutorials

Back to English, this playlist contains 24 video tutorials on JavaScript along with examples as well. 

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