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>> EJB example

A basic EJB example (IOpenEJB)

EJB - Create Application (NetBeans, JBoss)

Java EE Stateful Session Bean (EJB) example (Eclipse, MySQL, GlassFish)

Пример создания EJB3 приложения с помощью Eclipse

Creating EJB 3.1 Stateless Session Bean using JBoss 6.1 Example

First EJB 3 Tutorial showing a session and entity beans with annotations and JBoss.

>> JBoss first steps
>> GlassFish first steps

>> Integration
How to Create a Java EE 6 Application with JSF 2, EJB 3.1, JPA, and NetBeans IDE 6.8

Best Java Blogs

Overview and Criteria

There are several “Top Java Blogs” pages out there – but also a lot of noise. Some of these blogs are abandoned with the last postin 2008, some have simply switched focused from Java to something else. Others are gone altogether.
This page is meant to a up to date – end of 2014 – view of the Java ecosystem.
In order for a blog/site to be listed, here’s the simple criteria:
  • At least 10 relevant (Java) articles in the last 6 months
  • More text than Ads on the page
  • Alexa Rank < 5.000.000
  • Actually useful (in my view)

Top Java Websites (9 sites)

>> Javaworld

>> Java Code Geeks

>> InfoQ | Java

>> Javalobby

>> The Server Side

>> Jaxenter | Java

>> The Spring Blog

>> DeveloperWorks: Java technology

>> Voxxed