понедельник, 31 августа 2015 г.

[Source code] IMA2 - Simple command-line editor

IMA2 Simple command-line editor of binary files (images, object filers, byte code, etc). More sofisticated that F4 option in FAR. More simple that GUI hex editors. Can be useed as command-line utility in scripts

[POC] Teaser

Hopefully POCs / Pet projects will be here one day.

[Source code] Teaser

Hopefully Source code will be here one day.

[Portofolio] SteinMart

Client: GSI / SteinMart.
Project description:
WebStore for SteinMart. Founded by the current chairman's grandfather just after the turn of the 20th century, the Stein Mart concept has evolved into a nationwide network of easy-to-access freestanding stores. Its merchandise includes current-season, brand name fashion for women and men; accessories; home decor; linens; and shoes. All are at prices up to 60% below department store prices.
Technologies used: GSI platform, JEE, Oracle
Role on the project: Java Team Lead / Technical Project Manager / java developer
- Communication with clients
- Managing the team of 10+ java developers
- Performance reviews for all team members
- Driving the team running the Scrum-like process
- Tracking of Requirements, Deliverables, Progress
- Lead e-commerce project, design architecture
- Acts as a key knowledge hub for other developers
- Leads and coordinates technical activities and documents throughout the project
- Lead the technical design effort of e-commerce project that meets scalability and performance requirements
- Adhere to engineering processes such as code reviews, source control, unit testing, use case analysis, defect management

[Portofolio] Evaluation Pro

Project: Evaluation Pro
Tool for automation regular employee performance assessment
Role: developer, system architect
Stack: php, js, symfony2, bootstrap, jquery