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java serialization

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How java serialization works internally, Object Serialization algorithm

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Сериализация в XML - Serialization #2 - Advanced Java

Сериализация в JSON - Serialization #3 - Advanced Java

Программирование на Java для начинающих #18(Serialization)

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Serialization and performance (Sergey Morenets, Ukraine)

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Сериализация в Java [ru]

Java Object Serialization Specification

Top 10 Java Serialization Interview Questions and Answers

Java object serialization - Tutorial

The Java serialization algorithm revealed

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5 things you didn't know about ... Java Object Serialization

How to Serialize an Object in Java
7 steps

Изучите секреты Java Serialization API [ru]

Serialization is the conversion of an object to a series of bytes, so that the object can be easily saved to persistent storage or streamed across a communication link. The byte stream can then be deserialised - converted into a replica of the original object.

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